Amytrans Corp's Philosophy

Since Amytrans’ establishment till today, we have experienced with several difficulties and challenges which let us to non-stop improve our abilities, perfect our services day by day to match the variety of transportation, and more and more increasing needs from the customers.

We are building a standard quality control system in providing a qualified transportation service and environmental protection how to minimize risk and guarantee customer’s benefit care.

We expect the fruitful co-operation with the customers, vendors, partners locally, and globally will create unshakeable values and together development.

Our mottoes are as the following :
1/ Responsibilities with the Society:
-    Amytrans’ activities is in accordance with Vietnamese, and International Marine Laws;
-    Providing marine and transportation services by our reputation, sincere, and high quality to how to make the society developed;
-    Refuse and accuse all anti-social behaviors;
-    Enterprising mind. Facing with the difficulties as we strongly believe the difficulties are just a challenge and will teach us to become more stronger.

2/ Safety Transportation and Environment Protection:
-    Guaranteeing to transport all cargoes safely. Tightly monitor transportation procedure matching technical and environmental protection requires;
-    Non-stop training and upgrading our staff how to professionally handle cargoes;
-    Rejecting transport forbidden and dangerous goods which can harm human health.

3/ Win-Win Mutual Benefit Co-operations:
-    Serving the customers by our heart and sincere;
-    We respect all customers, and we treat the customers at our best level;
-    Co-operating with the customers and partners basing on win-win situations.

4/ Our Vision:
-    Human resource  are Amytrans’ precious property;
-    To become one of top 5 Project Cargo Handling Players in Vietnam market;
-    Widely company size in over the country

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